Michigan NORML's Board of Directors for 2014/2015

Matthew Abel, JD
Executive Director
 Annette Crocker  
David Crocker, MD
Medical Director

Brad Forrester

Membership Director

  Rick Thompson


Adam L. Brook
Fundraising Director

Trena Moss
Chapter Director

Steve Sharpe
Political Director

Josef White
Outreach Director


  • 2011–Contributor Repeal Today Legalization Effort
  • 2012–Contributor for Ypsilanti Petition Drive
  • 2012–Contributor to Kickstart “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”
  • 2012–Contributor to Grand Rapids Decriminalization Petition Drive
  • 2013–Contributor  Contested Grand Rapids Initiative Ballot Legal Fees
  • 2013–Contributor to Jackson Initiative
  • 2013–Contributor to Lansing Initiative
  • 2013–Donor to Taxpayers United to Fight Suspicion-Based Drug Testing in Michigan
  • 2013–Contributor to Curtis Kile’s Roll to Legalize to Washington D. C.
  • 2013–Sponsored EPIC/MRA Michigan Poll on Legalization of Marijuana
  • 2013–David Crocker, MD, appointed to State Medical MMJ  Review Board (Board Member)
  • 2013–“The House I Live In” Metro Detroit Area Coordinator  (Joe White, Outreach Director)
  • 2013–Sponsored EPIC/MRA poll question
  • 2014–Sponsored Mailing Shiloh Stevens DVD to Public Broadcast Stations
  • 2014- Contributed to several local decriminalization campaigns
  • 2014-Sponsored EPIC-MRA poll question
  • Yearly Monroe Street Fair Sponsor
  • Yearly Contributor to MOCC Harvestfest
  • Yearly Sponsor  of Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk

What We Have Been Doing

  • 2005–Funded Travel for Jack Herer to Traverse City
  • 2005–Donated to Mark Emery’s defense
  • 2005–Keylining and Printing of Ferndale Petitions
  • 2006–Petition, Keylining, Printing for Flint Petitions
  • 2006–Petition, Keylining, Printing for Nile Petitions
  • 2006–Petition, Keylining, Reprint for Flint Petitions
  • 2007–Ethan Nadelman Sponsor
  • 2008–Beginning of work with MPP for Medical Marijuana Petitions
  • 2008–Contributor for Initiation of MI-HEMP
  • 2009–Sponsor Needy Patients for MMMA Cards
  • 2009–Contributor Lansing Rally
  • 2010–Contributor Lansing Rally
  • 2010–Sponsor for David Leyton Yardsigns
  • 2010–Contributor to Eric VanDussen Court Work
  • 2011–Contributor to Kalamazoo LLEP
  • 2011–Contributor for Gersh Avery’s Michigan Medical Marijuana Survey
  • 2011–Donor for ASA’s Raid Training Preparedness
  • 2011–Contributor Lansing Rally

The Michigan chapter of the

National Organization for the

Reform of Marijuana Laws