Mike Taillard


Democrat for Michigan Senate – 35th District

1. Do you currently support the use of medical marijuana for people who have debilitating conditions including chronic pain?

Yes. In fact my own wife uses it for an injury she sustained in the military.

2. Do you currently support medical marijuana cultivation facilities and provisioning centers?

Yes. I believe they can be improved upon, but I support the legal operations of all medical marijuana operations in the state of Michigan, from manufacture to retail, and everything in between.

3. Do you currently support the legal cultivation and sales of cannabis to adults that do not have a debilitating medical condition?

Yes. I support treating recreational cannabis exactly like liquor, including logistics, taxation, restrictions, and in all other ways.

4. Do you currently support the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol proposal to regulate and tax cannabis for adults over 21?

Yes. I have minor differences of opinion about the details of implementation, but it is close enough to gain my 100% support.

5. Do you support the position that adults 21 and over should have the ability to cultivate cannabis at their residence?

Yes. I believe this should be treated in the same manner as home-brewing beer.

6. Do you support the position that people who consume cannabis responsibly should be subjected to employment discrimination?

So long as a person is not actively intoxicated while on the job, they should be given full employment protection. In the case of medical users, the active-intoxication manner may be exempted depending on the nature of the work.

7. Do you support the position that people who consume cannabis responsibly should be subjected to housing discrimination?

No. People should not be subjected to housing discrimination for any reasons.

8. Do you support private clubs where people can socially consume cannabis products?

In the same manner as cigar bars, yes.

9. If Michigan voters legalize cannabis for adults, would you support the expungement of cannabis convictions from people’s criminal record?

Yes. I support expunging the records of all those convicted of cannabis crimes which would not have been convicted under circumstances equivalent to liquor. Crimes for which there would be a liquor-related conviction, such as providing it to a minor for non-medical purposes, are not included in this.

10. Are there any additional comments you wish to make?


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