Timothy Coon


Libertarian for Michigan Senate – 35th District

1. Do you currently support the use of medical marijuana for people who have debilitating conditions including chronic pain?

Having personally witnessed the positive effects of cannabis in regard to pain, I fully support patients having access to this life changing/saving plant.

2. Do you currently support medical marijuana cultivation facilities and provisioning centers?

I attempted to grow a garden one year consisting of tomatoes, corn, green beans, and cucumbers.. Needless to say, my green thumb produced less than stellar results. I feel it is imperative that cultivation and distribution avenues be readily available for patients. I’d like to be clear that I do not support the hurdles in place by the state of Michigan to address this need however. I mean…. It’s a plant, nothing more.

3. Do you currently support the legal cultivation and sales of cannabis to adults that do not have a debilitating medical condition?

100% yes!

Lets face it… When the DPRK does not even classify cannabis as a “drug”, you KNOW there is something wrong with the way we’re doing things over here.

I’ll be the first to admit that not only have I consumed cannabis, I ENJOY DOING IT! I’ve collected signatures for both Abrogate and Regulate (mi-legalize both shots), and this is an area of our state that I believe needs LESS regulation, and MORE individual liberty.

Cannabis treats too many known conditions to mention, however it is treated like life destroying substances such as heroin. Something is completely wrong with this picture.

4. Do you currently support the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol proposal to regulate and tax cannabis for adults over 21?

While I support any effort in the restoration of individual liberty, I am against taxation. Much like the raids that occur on dispensaries, taxing a plant (or the plant-based products) is an insult to mother nature. With that said, I understand that it will take a series of small steps to undo the restrictions placed on Americans since Nixon’s era and “reefer madness”. I’m willing to accept the proposition from regulate as one of these small steps.

Yes we cannabis!

5. Do you support the position that adults 21 and over should have the ability to cultivate cannabis at their residence?

I believe that all ADULTS (18+) should be able to do what they want to do so long as it does not interfere with the life, liberty, or property of others. Cannabis cultivation falls right within this mindset.

We have a “black market” here in Michigan, and cannabis can be found here. The dangers of purchasing cannabis from the black market realistically fall into two areas.. Ditch weed…. and potentially laced product. The latter is nearly a non-issue, so this response is for consumers of cannabis.

Anyone with access to the seeds (or clones) and proper nutrients should have the liberty to plant those seeds… let the sun do its magic… and then invite me over for a sampling in the fall! I jest of course, but it is legitimately that simple!

6. Do you support the position that people who consume cannabis responsibly should be subjected to employment discrimination?

What a person does on their own time should not be any sort of a factor in employment.

When elected (like the presumption?), I will introduce legislation that will remove testing for cannabis from employers arsenal. Additionally, I will introduce legislation that will restore the second amendment to medical patients. Using treatment programs as a form of gun grabbing should anger all Americans.

It simply does not make sense to me why you can meet work buddies at the bar after 5pm, but that same workplace can ditch you for being a cannabis patient. I will put an end to this.

7. Do you support the position that people who consume cannabis responsibly should be subjected to housing discrimination?

Again, so long as a person is not interfering with the life.. liberty…or property of others, there should be nothing holding them back from chasing their own pursuit of happiness….regardless of what that is.

I do not believe that a new question should arise on housing applications of “Do you consume cannabis”. Landlords and property managers take chances on any new tenant they accept, so I can understand the fear of a “junkie” destroying their rental. Luckily, cannabis consumers do not fit within this stereotype.

Thankfully, we have a libertarian gubernatorial candidate named Bill Gelineau that will work hand in hand with anyone that is for eliminating the regulations surrounding the cannabis industry. And I have to tell you, there are a lot of us that will be on the ballot this November.

8. Do you support private clubs where people can socially consume cannabis products?

I’d be the first member!

Good tunes…. amazing smells…..uplifting conversation…. access to new strains…. Why is this not already a thing??

We have bars for booze…. bars for cigars… bars for hookas… bars for oxygen.. heck, we even have bars for attorneys. It should not even be a matter of question whether or not we should have a place to sit down with a group of friends and pass the dochie.

In every facet of life, we’re told what we cannot do. I am personally fed up with this approach of government and I’m on a lifelong mission to put a stop to this, and put individual liberty back on the table.

It is such a simple concept to grasp… IF YOU DON’T LIKE CANNABIS, DON’T SMOKE CANNABIS!

When elected, I will gladly go to bat for any entrepreneur wishing to open a cannabis club and fully endorse the opening of such a place in Ogemaw county.. because as I said, I’d be the first member.

9. If Michigan voters legalize cannabis for adults, would you support the expungement of cannabis convictions from people’s criminal record?

I would demand the release of and record expungement of non-violent drug “offenders” locked up or record bearing from cannabis related charges.

This is something that should be automatic in process. The hoops an individual must jump through for expungement may be set higher than some can reach. The state should have a system in place that will automatically expunge non-violent cannabis charges/convictions and ALL HISTORY related to the charges/convictions once legalization occurs. With arrest records still viewable, not going back to the initial law enforcement contact would have potential negative outcomes.

10. Are there any additional comments you wish to make?

We’re at a tipping point in this country. The political paradigm shift is taking place in front of our eyes, and we can hardly tell the conservatives from the liberals any longer. Our country has a fear driven hatred that is manipulated by the media under the direction of our “masters”.

I’d like to encourage each and every one of you reading this to unplug for a minute.. Leave your phone at home, and go spend some time at a park with your family or pets. Take a breather… And then come back to the challenges we are all facing as a people living in this country in 2018.

One of my favorite quotes happens to come from one of the founding fathers…

“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”
-Thomas Jefferson

I’d gladly meet on the steps of our capital.. And in a truly euphoric act of dissent, mixed with loads of coughing and laughter, tell the cronies that we are the masters of our own lives!

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