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The single most important thing you can do to end marijuana prohibition is to join Michigan NORML and help us take back your individual right to cultivate and consume this God-given plant. It’s time to debunk the myth that cannabis consumers are a fringe or deviant group of people, and expose the world to the reality that consuming cannabis is extremely common, and that cannabis is the intoxicant of choice for millions of hardworking and otherwise law-abiding Americans!

JOIN NOW and help the largest, most visible cannabis consumer organization in Michigan for only $15 a year!. Your financial support will NOT go to pay Michigan NORML board members for their generous self-financed service to the hemp and cannabis community, rather your money will be used to finance a variety of campaigns developed to increase public awareness and support for the repeal of criminal penalties for cannabis cultivation, sales and possession. We will use your money to conduct statewide polls to gauge voter support for easing our state’s cannabis laws. We will use your money to contact legislators via direct mail campaigns.

We will also use your money to maintain our infrastructure including our social media sites and 24-hour telephone system. Your money will also be used to help us host Lobby Days where our board members and supporters gather at the Capitol Building and visit with legislators, and host two annual conferences where we provide up-to-date information about our laws. When combined together, your small contributions allow us to focus limited cannabis consumer resources into projects that have the greatest impacts on our lives!

> An individually numbered supporting member card
> Discounted legal fees with participating attorneys
> An opportunity to make a difference and to change the world!

Thank you for your generous support!