Asset forfeiture victims needed for House testimony

On Tuesday, February 6, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 4158, a bill that would require a criminal conviction before members of law enforcement could seize, keep and/or liquidate property siezed in connection with an alleged crime.

I’ve been in contact with the sponsor of this bill, Rep. Peter Lucido, and he is seeking people who have had their property seized by overzealous members of law enforcement. He would especially like to hear from people who have had assets forfeited and who were never charged with any crime!

Rep. Lucido’s bill bans seizures where the victim was never charged with any crime and forces cops and prosecutors to obtain a conviction before they can keep a person’s possessions.

If you have been an asset forfeiture victim and you would like to tell our legislators your story, please contact me at, or drop a comment below.

Thanks folks, and stay safe!!!


  1. I want to attend this meeting.

    1. Please send an email to:

      The hearing scheduled for the 6th was cancelled but it will be rescheduled soon. When we know that date and time we will broadcast it with a new blog post. Still, send us a quick email.

      Thank you!!!

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